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Voter Identification

Need to know what forms of ID you need to register to vote or for in-person voting?

When registering

Voter ID Registration Options

MT Driver's License
Last Four Digits in SSN

Other forms of ID:

A current and valid photo identification, including but not limited to a school district or postsecondary education photo identification or a tribal photo identification, with the individual’s name OR at least one of these qualifying items: a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check, or other government document that shows the individual’s name and current address.

When Voting

Voter ID In-Person Options

An election judge will request your identification and verify that it is an acceptable form of identification. Typically, an elector identifies themselves with a current photo identification showing the elector's name as seen in the examples listed below:

Valid Driver's License
MT State Identification Card
Military ID
Tribal Photo ID
U.S. Passport
MT Concealed Carry Permit
School District or Postsecondary Education Photo ID

Other forms of ID:

If the elector does not present photo identification, the elector shall present a current:

Utility Bill

Bank Statement

Paycheck or Government Check

Notice of Confirmation of Voter Registration

Government Document

Must show your name and current address.

Are you having difficulty
obtaining identification?

If you are having difficulty obtaining identification, please contact [email protected] or click the button below. If you are unable to produce any of the above identification options, please contact your county election official about the provisional voting process.

For information on obtaining a copy of your Social Security Card visit